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November 25th, 2004

12:53 am: turkey day
tomm is thanksgiving

that means i have to go chill withh the cousins
of course this is one of the fam hols, so i suppose i will have to put up with them

last weekend was philly. while hoebag couldnt make it, we still had a good tme. besides, shit got craZay- im sure those little boys from the elevator have never been hit on quite like that.

i met a girl who appears to be a blond pretty me- scary i know- she can sing really well too. but other then that we r entirely the same right?

arielles house in 10- milkshakes and sex in the city wwooowooo

Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: hold me thrill me kisss me kill me

November 14th, 2004

11:53 pm: brooke is goddess
big ass bird shat in zachs hair

-hoku by meredith weinberg

i love brooke butler
she is honestly my dreammmm woman

hahhahahaha KFC zachh? has anyone heard of hair maionnaise

October 23rd, 2004

11:09 pm: salut

today was most excellent (hehe william and theodore)

i met up with brit morgan jason kira elliot madison spencer allegra courtney joanna liz and julie in the city

as much as i love them all i half didnt want to go as i feel like utter shit

ahhh qu'estce-que le POINT?mon vie est merde sur un stick

i saw garette and becca at grand central- i love em both

once we all met up (even tho it took way too long as the boys are slow/les idiots)we went to a halloween store and then a street fair and i got some bubble tea.

it was then we realized the brits wallet and morgans camera were stoooolen on the subway which is half funny actually because who wouldna't notice that honestly

anywho it was bitterly collld so i bought a scarf. it looks like it could belong to my grandpa but i love it.

besides allegra bought it too
it is lovey tho- all soft and yummy

then we wwalked around for quit a bit -made our way to the village then little italy where we stopped for some pizza, walked around china town

i am wearing my scarf right now- avec mes pajamas
i wanted to go back to maddies but les parents said i am too sick EFFFFffFff

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: brazillian jazz- the girl from epinima
01:05 am: so today i woke up and i was like WOW i feel like shit lovely so my dad actually goes "just stay home" dad- you are the man. so i stayed home alll day and wactched bill and teds excellent adventure (a bodacious film) after the show they posted who made kinesthesia iiii ACTUALLY madddddddddde ittttttttttttttttttttttttttt i will prob have a nervy b and piss all over the stage- still life is fab i have a headache like a mongul MERDEEEE

Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: here comes the sun- the beatles

October 7th, 2004

06:05 pm: ahhh i finally got some lululemons in canadia!

well kind of theyre actually tna's
but jordy and kelly say theyre the same

my moom was like "theyre called tna pants? tna stands for tits and ass
gross mom?

anyways i love them
i even love my (HUGE) buttt in them
which is quite the ocassion

ahhhhhhhh i just ate 4 waffles


Current Mood: fullfull
Current Music: my goodies

October 5th, 2004

07:08 pm: the only reason i can think of is that she was so perfect and so kind that someone or something else up there wanted her by their side. because she was higher then most. she was better then most.

otherwise it is unfair
like 15 isnt hard enough already
like finding urself isnt hard enough already
like school isnt hard enough already
like relationships arent hard enouugh already

and when i say all this- i am talking about her AND us. because were still here. because we still have to deal with all of this- and now with something else. something that makes all of this- seem like a gift.

because life isnt hard enough already.

to a girl whow as completely herself. and that was more then enough.
cheers to km- a friend, a sister, a dughter, an individual
only the good die young.
all my love
dont forget us
we wont forget u

p.s. please dont reply to this- sometimes words r not enough. this is one of them.

Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: every now and then

September 28th, 2004

08:05 pm: ok so here r 5 reasons y i need to go right now and live in and ugly home
1. my nose is HUGE- wtf was ben evvver talking aboot- it is noit cute- it isactually HORRID
2.y didnt anypone ever tell me i have such sticky outy ears- must get them pinned bk- i look like an angry elf
3.my ass is the size of a continent
PROOF- convo with maria and manda
me- "guys-do i have a HUGE ass? dont lie to me or ill have to give u a good duffing up."
manda-"ehhhh, ummmmmm..."
maria- " well mere it really isnt such a bad thing to have a big ass- like really its not."
manda-"yeah and urs isnt even that huge or anything."
me-"so my ass is only REGULAr huge?WTF?"
maria-"ok well guys like a big ass. besides urs really isnt that big."
me-"maria, i can tell when ur lying."
maria-(blushing) "omg mere im not."
me-"maria- everyone can tell when ur lyiong. u might as well wear a neon sign- thats all like -IM FUCKING LYING BITCH."
qu'estce-que le point?
as u see i am in need of a serious ass reddduction
and maybe some new friends
4. i think i may have inherited the caterpillar eyebrow gene. I mean they r seperate at least- but do they have to be so caterpillary? i mean truly- like i dont have enough to deal with.\
5. ARENT the rest enough?i mean seriously- like i need a fifth problem. i already deserve to be in an ugly home.

my life is merde!
i wanted to chill with myu so called friends tonight but they have ditched me
for jew school
isnt that lovvely

WOW- brooke just told me something ridiculous
hmmm- i dont even noooo what to say!!
hahaha- my love life is in shams

Current Mood: U-G-L-Y
Current Music: have u seen my loopy dance?
07:05 pm: ok ytf is my hotnees superman? he wore fucking tights! y did more get brad pitt! fuck this shit
hotness on demand by jaz_sharkie
your hotness:
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September 24th, 2004

10:42 pm: ahhh yessssssss
i just took a love quiz
usher wants to bang ME 8 times
and marilyn monroe wants to bang me 12 times

10:06 pm: yom kIpPuR
ahhhh- yom kippur- who DOESNT love a good fast?

me u crazy fuckers.

ahhhhh its oonly been like 4 hours and im already starving. how LOVELY-i will starve to death before i ever buy my first wedding dress or fill a c cup or even get back my grade on my math test (which i so aced)

in 7 days i will be with the loves of my life- jordy and kellkell!!!ahhh were gonna HIT UP TORONTO
fo shizzle

awwwwww my poor jordy has just informed me she is tres sick. i think i will send her a pillow to barf on as i barfed on hers during the trip.yumyum.i love her SOOOO much. WHALLLE
infactomundo- this entry is dedicated to her

ahh- i bet the rest of u have only DREAMED of having one of these entries dedicated to u.
dream on bitches!

sry- je suis tres moody when im hungry

Current Mood: hungryhungry
Current Music: daughters- john mayor
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